So much more than just straightening teeth.

Improve your smile, improve your health!

Braces create a better appearance for your smile, but even more importantly, they improve the quality of your periodontal, jaw, and oral health.

Find the ideal treatment customized just for YOU!
Effective, efficient, and unique orthodontics to Missouri City & Sienna families
Metal Braces
As a fixed orthodontic treatment, metal braces facilitate complex tooth movements designed to straighten your smile and reposition your bite. This choice is sleek, shiny, and small. Brightly colored elastics can be used to make these braces stand out.
Clear Braces
Clear braces offer a modern twist on the traditional braces experience. This innovative option works similarly to metal braces, except the brackets are made of clear ceramic material.
Clear Aligners
Our clear aligners (Invisalign or Spark Aligners) discreetly correct common orthodontic issues in kids, teens, and adults. The aligners are removable, comfortable, and require less visits to our office.
We create custom-made retainers to fit the shape of your smile. Whether they are permanent or removable, they’ll hold your teeth in the proper position.